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MyBackOffice™.  Developed and trademarked by Dunbar, Breitweiser & Company, LLP is offered as a customized solution for the entrepreneur needing focus, balance, and improved profitability.  This process is illustrated for you below:

  1. Dangers: Having to work outside of your comfort zone; don’t have time to find new sources of input; highly ineffective to do multiple “big” things at once.
  2. Reinforcing existing strengths: You are a highly successful entrepreneur and need time to use your skills to create a profitable business.
  3. Opportunities: Shelter yourself from details; get back into family and personal interests; no more missed opportunities - become a full-time entrepreneur.   
  4. What we bring to the endeavor: We customize accounting and payroll support, handle the details and focus on the best ways to manage the tax burden.
  5. Design Solutions: MyBackOffice™ starts with identifying the dangers, strengths, and opportunities, and then developing a specific solution.  You experience the confidence that someone has their eye on the ball for these details.
  6. Evolutionary System: MyBackOffice™ is flexible and customized.  We are always creating new tools and structures, particularly with technology, to enable us to support you.

For a private presentation of what MyBackOffice™ is able to do for you and, most importantly, the end results you can expect, please contact:

Randall J. Jannusch, CPA                
Managing Partner
Dunbar, Breitweiser & Company, LLP
202 North Center Street
Bloomington, Illinois 61701
Phone:  (309) 827-0348 Extension 1027
Fax:       (309) 827-7858