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Public Finance

Municipal and Public Finance Consulting Services Provided to Municipal Security Professionals

Dunbar, Breitweiser & Company, LLP provides escrow verification services to municipal security professionals involved in the refunding or defeasance of outstanding debt of municipal entities. Refunding transactions involve the issuance of new debt whereby proceeds are used to repay previously issued debt.

Our services are provided at the direction of investment bankers, underwriters, financial advisors and attorneys that work directly with municipal entities. Our role is to provide assurance that proceeds from the escrow securities are sufficient to repay the principal, related interest and redemption premium (if any) on the previously issued debt as such obligations become due. We also prepare the arbitrage compliance computations necessary to assist the bond counsel in rendering a tax opinion on the new debt.

We do not work directly with or solicit municipal entities nor do we provide advice about the structure, timing, terms or other similar matters concerning the issuance of municipal securities.

For additional information pertaining to our verification services, please contact:

Adam R. Funk, Partner
Dunbar, Breitweiser & Company, LLP
202 North Center Street
Bloomington, Illinois 61701
Phone:   (309) 827-0348 Extension 1028
Fax:        (309) 827-7858